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Many fintech startups are proving that reinventing the wheel is nigh on impossible. Is that reality what’s causing the financial services industry turbulence? Or do we just need to change our expectations about innovation and disruption in the worlds of banking, finance and insurance?

If you’ve ever wondered what the friendliest city is for startup growth or the best state is for an entrepreneur, you’ll be interested to know it isn’t Silicon Valley or California. At least not according to the Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, which was released last week. It shows a different map of Startup Nation than one might expect, with the emphasis on new business on the East Coast.

At any given time, there are good startup ideas and there are bad startup ideas. Here are 13 bad ones. Email, messaging, networking, collaboration and friend finding apps – they’ve been done. And smart toys, foodie apps, and selfie sticks are killing our collective souls. So, when you’re looking for the next great business idea, please pass on these. Please.

The following two Los Angeles startups focus on payment tools and online video marketing. Both are in Silicon Beach and…