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The startup what3words wants to change the world by changing one of its most established naming conventions: the address system. Rather than rely on house numbers, street names and zipcodes, the app provides a three-word “name” for every location on the planet and helps you navigate to it using a traditional map app and a compass. It addresses holes in the U.S.’s address system, but, perhaps more importantly, it can work really well in developing nations.

Ulli, a mobile web browser from startup tech company Biggerpan, will use artificial intelligence to provide smart “searching” that doesn’t actually require search at all. The self-proclaimed “first intelligent browser” is in closed beta, but stands to create a new kind of AI at the intersection of vertical and horizontal services.

A look at five technologies and their possible ramifications in the near-future. The technology discussed includes virtual reality like the Oculus Rift, Android Robots like ASIMO, 3D Printing, Self-Driving Cars like those developed by Google, and Killer AI.

When procedural programming languages gave way to object-oriented programming languages, there was an uproar in the technological realm. Fear of change is natural though. After all, why fix it if it ain’t broke? However, it didn’t take long for the skeptics of OOP to come around as they no longer had to…